Transform Checkout Experience

Reduce Checkout Losses,  Improve Customer Experience

ScanWatch is a retail software suite to reduce losses and improve shopper experience at manned and self-checkout counters.

ScanWatch integrates with any checkout hardware currently in-use at the store. Utilizing inbuilt checkout register cameras, ScanWatch instantly recognizes scanned items. With a single point of integration, the platform prevents item mislabeling (checkout fraud) and automates the selection of scanned products (improved customer experience).

Prevent Checkout Fraud

• ScanWatch visually inspects every item scanned at manned and self-checkout counters

• Monitors whether product scanned corresponds to the product image

• Automatically notifies security officer when scanning discrepancy is detected

• Prevent losses occurring from unintentional item misscaning: 

Cucumbers or avocados, single bottle or a six pack - ScanWatch backchecks scanned product with the product image.

• Identify and prevent checkout fraud:

Reduce checkout losses occurring from intentional switching of product barcodes.

Improve Customer Experience

• ScanWatch automatically identifies products at manned and self-checkout counters

• Eliminates the need to manually select a scanned item from the list

• Notifies store employees about product scanning discrepancies

• Scales from 10 to 10K+ products if required

• Improve customer experience:

The shoppers do not need to manually browse for unwrapped products in the POS picklist. The item placed on the counter is recognized automatically.

• Reduce check-out time:

65% of shopping carts include at least one unwrapped product. Selecting it automatically dramatically reduces customer turnaround time.

Reduce manual supervision:

More of the check-out transactions are completed without any employee assistance.

Prevent check-out losses:

Save more than 2% in sales revenue. The platform greatly reduces the possibility of accidental item mis-scanning or check-out fraud.

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